Improvement & Efficiency

South West Councils led the South West Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (SW IEP) which was one of Nine Regional  Partnerships created in April 2008 with a three year funding package of £185 million from the Department for Communities and Local Government to help councils accelerate the drive towards greater improvement and efficiency. 

SW Councils provided specialist support through the Programme to councils in areas such as smarter procurement, corporate capacity building, economic development and adult & children's social care. There was also support for the six Fire and Rescue Services in the region.

The Programme was overseen by elected Members from councils across the South West. An investment of £30 million was made in the region.

Now ended the emphasis of the legacy of the Programme is on promoting take up of the range of tools and support available, continuing to promote innovative sector-led improvement and efficiency support, and guaranteeing the sustainability of key projects.  The Programme had delivered at least £153m of efficiency savings in the South West , over a 4 year timeframe.

Further details of products, case studies and reports can be found on each Programme link.